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Who Can Resist Free Marathon Training Videos?

Yesterday I had an opportunity to speak with Steve Mackel, head coach at MarathonTraining.TV. I contacted Steve and his coaching partner, Gary Smith, after searching Google and discovering some of their online training videos.


Since committing to carrying my camera on more runs, I’ve been on the lookout for people in the running community who do the same. I’m not too technical when it comes to producing, so I make casual videos created with basic equipment. Besides, if you’re out running, who wants to risk damaging a high-priced camera (as would have surely happened when I took a tumble on this morning’s run)?


The videos at MarathonTraining.TV (you’ll need to sign up) and its sister site, SoCalRunning.com, offer some straight-forward tips that are easy to incorporate, as well as insight into the Southern California running community.


Here’s one of the videos from MarathonTraining.TV: