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Tackling the TV Towers on a Run Up South Mountain

I decided to push myself a little bit this morning and run to the TV towers atop South Mountain. The 7-mile run up the Summit Road is quite a climb.

I hadn’t done this run is quite some time. But a friend (shout out to cycling superstar Lisa Barnard) mentioned it yesterday, and I couldn’t resist the challenge.


Running the Highline Canal in Phoenix

I felt a little tired at the start of this run on the Highline Canal in Phoenix. However, by the end, I was extremely energized.

Running is magical.

My Sights Are Set on 100 Push-Ups

imagesI love low-cost fitness solutions you can do anywhere, at any time and without the need for much equipment. Maybe this is why I enjoying running so much.

Recently, I came across a challenge that meets these criteria — the One Hundred Push Ups Program. After seeing several people reference it on various blogs, I finally decided to jump on board.

Today I took the initial test (which was definitely an ego-killer), so I guess I’m officially off and running.

I’ve always been a little envious of people who seem to pound out push-ups with relative ease. Right now 100 consecutive push-ups seems like a very lofty goal. I’m looking forward to seeing my progress after six weeks of training. 

Have you attempted or — better yet — completed this challenge? Please feel free to share your experience in the comments section.

Sunday Recovery Run/Hike at South Mountain

I did a quick run/hike today on the trails at South Mountain and brought along my Flip