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Beyond the Epic Run

Today I set out to find sources for my upcoming interview series about mental training for runners.

One of the more fascinating e-mails I received (as a result of HARO), was from a lady representing Serge Roetheli, who left home in 2000 to run around the world. With his wife, Nicole, serving as his support crew, Serge ran 25,000 miles on five continents and 33 countries.

Below is the trailer for the movie documenting the couple’s five-year adventure — Beyond the Epic Run.



An Indoor Marathon … on a Track?!

Since backing out of yesterday’s Turkey Trot run due to the first rainfall in Phoenix in about three months, I have been determined to schedule a new race.

During my search this morning, I came across a unique race. In fact, it’s a running event I think would have trouble attracting participants – the InStep Icebreaker Indoor Marathon.

Apparently, the course looks something like this: 0.

Yes, runners must complete about 94 laps around an indoor track in Milwaukee. Not only does that sound boring, my guess is the repetition and lack of terrain would increase your chances for injury.

I’m not a big treadmill fan, but I would run a marathon on one before even considering an indoor track marathon. At least you could then park yourself in front of a television to help break the monotony. 

If you’ve completed an indoor marathon, please let me know about your experience. Are my assumptions off?

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