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Expert Interview with Sadie Nardini

During this 26-minute interview with Sadie Nardini, a top NYC yoga teacher whose endurance-building breathing techniques have been featured in Runner’s World and Men’s Health, you’ll discover …

  • Why your current breathing style while running is likely stimulating anxiety and multiplying your risk of hyperventilation.
  • The simple secret to using “literal eye focus” that makes it easy to relieve stress and ward off fatigue on your longest runs.
  • The exact time to stretch so you can skyrocket your stamina almost magically … without even running a single stride.

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Also, be sure to check out Sadie’s videos below. The first one shows you how to breath properly while running. The other one demonstrates how you can build core strength and transform your abs.

Sadie also has has a two-part video series titled “Yoga for Your Marathon.” You can view Part 1 here and Part 2 here.



Expert Interview with Jason Harper

In May 2008, Jason Harper — who ran his first marathon in 2005 — set out on a 100-mile run around the perimeter of Sacramento.

He had a few other runners with him … but they weren’t competitors.

He followed a course …  but it wasn’t an official route.

He had a goal … but it wasn’t to break a personal record.

In fact, Jason didn’t run a race.

Instead, he completed a life-altering adventure that brought extensive awareness to the number of kids in inner-city schools without access to proper healthcare.

On “race” day (a date he planned for a year), the temperature soared to 101 degrees.

During his run, he experienced the standard blisters, dehydration and cramping. However, he also suffered from hypothermia, a fever and intense surface heat that caused his skin to completely peel away from the bottom of his feet.

This interview reveals how Jason overcame several physical and mental hurdles, including the darkest hours of his life, to complete “the extra mile.”

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